Increased usage of new technologies is enabling doctors and healthcare providers powerful means to not only log prescriptions, but also, print them using mobile portable printers. Doctors are increasingly adopting technology to ease the way prescriptions are being printed and logged, using smart phones.

This new way of ‘Smart Printing’ is now being adopted by doctors for penning down the prescriptions, diagnostic information and other directions directly on their Tablets. Coupled with other information from relevant websites, diagrams and disease references available online, doctors are able to create real-time reading material and prescriptions for their patients during the examination itself. This consultation reference is thereafter, uploaded on to the cloud where doctors are maintaining the patient databases, and also printed directly from the phones in real-time, to hand over to patients.

This means of printing is especially being adopted in health check-up camps in remote areas, where, battery enabled mobile handheld printers and smart phones are able to adequately replace expensive and bulky office equipment, while increasing the reach of healthcare to rural areas. A huge advantage comes from the fact that the latest printers now support multi-lingual printing for the prescriptions to be printed in regional languages, helping break the communication barrier.