Financial services (banking and non-banking) entail collection of interest/EMI installments, which require companies to devices fool-proof mechanisms to minimize defaults.

India’s varied demographics and diverse customer segments, poses a challenge when it came to servicing the heterogeneous customer-base. The vastness of the Indian market resulted in heavy dependence on the field agencies for debt collections. Financial sector is transitioning from traditional methods to more technologically advanced customer-friendly practices, which, in addition to ensuring timely collection, are aimed at improving customer relationship and improve collection efficiency.

The use of handheld devices for “On the spot receipt generation�? in such areas adds immense advantage to the value-propositions to their customers of doorstep banking. The added advantage of such door-to-door collections for companies is reduced credit loss, improved manpower utilization & reduced turnaround time

More over with new banking services such of cash withdrawal at POS through retail stores to ease the pressure on ATM and BluPrints handheld printer are perfect for providing proof of transaction for these transactions.