FMCG is one of the largest industries in the Indian economy. Lifestyle changes and increase in disposable income has led to higher demand and higher growth in modern as well as rural markets. Every business having a sales force understands the importance of effective sales force management. With growing competition and an increasing number of sales forces, FMCG companies are managing sales in real time, automating sales tasks and converting leads to orders immediately. This sales force management system is known as Sales Force Automation and it constitutes of Web Applications, Android Applications, Android Mobile or Tablet, and most importantly a BluPrints Bluetooth Thermal Printer to give a instant proof of transaction. The complete system supports tasks like

  • Fields Sales Management
  • Order Booking
  • Billing and Payment Collection
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Tracking of Orders, Billing, Payment Collection
  • Salesman tracking
  • MIS Reporting

How Sales Force Automation Works

A Web Application consisting of master data such as items, rates, customer, sales man and schemes, is installed in the Server. An Android app, mapped with the web application, is installed in the Salesman/Distributor’s android phone. This android phone is further paired with a portable BluPrints Bluetooth Thermal Printer to print bills, order receipts, invoices etc. in real time.

This system of sales management is useful in the application of schemes and offers on the ordered items, updating inventory, preparing MIS reports and finally printing bills and reports with Bluetooth printers. Using this system live tracking of orders, billing, payment collection, and salesman tracking helps back office, to monitor sales force. Reports from the web are generated and printed using a Bluetooth Printer as per the need.

BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers Supporting Sales Force Automation

BluPrints smart thermal printers are equipped with the latest technology to manage sales operation for FMCG sector such as printing RFID tags for tracking inventory, customized marketing, and stock control through barcode, printing rugged and durable labels at reduced costs.

BluPrints takes great pride in being a part of the sales force automation process for the FMCG industry. Our handheld portable printers enable faster tracking and efficient records of FMCG products delivered to distributors throughout India. Distributors are able to efficiently update their inventory using the BluPrints Bluetooth printers that are paired with an Android application, which helps in enhancing supply chain operations.

Not only it is helping the sector but it is providing a better experience to the customer as well, with its perfect printing solutions by line busting, transaction experience, proof of delivery or pick up for e-commerce. Our printing range helps in improving the efficiency of backhand processes such as inventory management, sales & distribution, display compliances and more. It supports customer engagement, efficient cost & time management, increased sale, and has helped the retailer to improve its outcome.  

All these features have increased the popularity of BluPrints thermal printers in the FMCG sector. Our printing solutions have proved to be a benefit to the sales professionals as it saves their time allowing them to focus on more important aspects of business development rather than spending time in administrative or logistical chores.

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