Owing to full compliance with world standard printing protocols and High -speed Barcode, QR Code and Raster Image Printing capabilities, the BluPrints range of Bluetooth and WIFI Portable Thermal Receipt Printers are finding large-scale acceptance with India’s Leading Banks such as State Bank of India (SBI), Bank of India (BOI), ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank. A feather in Aadharshila’s cap, this endorsement has led to Micro ATM Applications such as Novopay standardize their application around AEM Printers, leading to large-scale country-wide deployments across retailers. Aadharshila Printers are being deployed at 3 levels amongst Banks: 1. Customer Service Point KIOSKS (CSP) – A mandatory requirement in the premises of Banking Kiosks under financial inclusion measures taken by Large Banks. Predominantly, AEM’s WIFI And Bluetooth enabled network printers are used to print banking receipts directly via Windows Laptops and Desktops, from web-based KOISK Applications. 2. Collection Agents of Banks – The Collection Departments of Banks and Authorized Collection Agencies to which Banks outsource their collection work. The Banks such as ICICI and Kotak Mahindra have their own Android Based Application for fetching customer details, entering the amount collected and generating receipts on the spot. Each transaction updates the Bank Servers in real-time and the customer is provided an instantaneous receipt through BluPrints Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer, that is fully compatible with these Android Based Collection Applications. 3. Retailers Functioning as Micro-ATMs for Banks – Retailer Applications such as NOVOPAY that function as Micro-ATM App for AXIS and HDFC Banks. Applications such as NOVOPAY offer Android Apps for electronic transactions at Retailer Level – empowering businesses, merchants, and consumers with technology forward solutions. They make banking and payments convenient and offer banking services from Partner Banks such as SBI, AXIS, and HDFC through Retailers. AEM Printers are empaneled with the NOVOPAY, making it essential for every retailer who is a NOVOPAY Agent to use Aadharshila BluPrints Bluetooth Printers for receipt generation.