here is an ever-increasing demand for power which never matches the supply. To meet this requirement without risking the environment and without huge investments in power plants, we have to switch to power conservation and reduce wastage. The Smart metering system that is still in its initial phase in India allows power to be delivered more efficiently, sensibly, and with superior control. Smart meters are used to record electricity, water, or gas usage, and send this recorded data back to the supplier at regular intervals.

This smart metering system not only aids in the billing of energy consumed but also helps in the computation of energy loss in the distribution network. The large scale installation of smart meters is expected to reduce the collective technical and commercial losses of power distribution companies in many ways such as improved real-time billing and collection with the aid of BluPrints smart thermal printers to provide on spot receipt/proof of transaction to the consumers.

BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers supporting Smart Meter Installation

BluPrints smart thermal printers have been associated with smart meter installation project in Delhi for providing on the spot bills to the customer. Computerized Spot Billing deals with the problem of meter reading to a great extent by generating on the spot bills using a Common Meter Reading Instrument (CMRI) connected with a portable thermal printer.  

In this process, all customer information such as previous meter readings, revenue arrears etc. are downloaded into the CMRI from the computer system at the beginning of every day. When the meter reader visits each customer premises, he records the current meter reading in the CMRI along with any observations on meter seals or meter working. On record of current meter reading, CMRI generates a bill using the past meter reading and the tariff for that customer category stored in the memory of the CMRI.  Meter Reader prints the bill on the spot using a BluPrints smart thermal printer connected to the CMRI.

All the meter readings and bill amounts are downloaded into the computer system from CMRI at the end of the day. This real-time updating of records makes the system efficient, fast and error free. This immediate information allows the customer to make adjustments and the utility company to manage energy consumption at peak times in a better way.

Advantages of Computerized On Spot Billing System

The financial well being of any utility exclusively depends upon bill collection from the consumers. To ensure timely payments by consumers, there needs to be a proper system in place. Computerized On Spot Billing System serves these requirements effectively.

  • Computerized bill generation reduces the time for issuing a bill.
  • Enables internet-based payments through credit cards, debit cards, Net banking, Wallets etc.
  • Provide real-time information on collections that can be recorded in a database and can be analyzed for customer payment patterns.
  • Improves billing capacity by reducing time in the billing process
  • Allows immediate monetary gain
  • Eliminates miscommunication
  • Convenient for the customers
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduce energy theft

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