The wave of digitization that started with the launch of Digital India campaign has not just benefited the masses and the government but has also influenced the Indian economy in a positive manner. BluPrints contribution to this digitization drive has been very significant especially in revenue collection, rural healthcare, retail, and even upcoming elections. BluPrints has been a part of a revolution regarding digitization of membership enrollment in political parties for upcoming elections. This membership drive aims to enroll a huge number of new members for the upcoming elections. In this drive, a simple process was devised to renew a membership or to enroll a new member.

The Process

The current trend in elections in India entails political parties running a campaign to enrol more members affiliated to their parties. Such drives include either a membership drive event or door to door promotion & enrollment, or through the parties portal/App. The application is generally developed by a 3rd party software development company engaged by the party. Once the membership form is submitted electronically, the new membership card and the receipt for the card is generated and issued on the spot. BluPrints Bluetooth enabled printer allows immediate wireless printing of receipts for the membership cards, helping in queue management, door to door enrollment no. generation thus creating a flawless enrollment process.It also provides a provision for printing in the local language.

BluPrints Bluetooth enabled Portable Smart Thermal Printer

BluPrints offers a complete range of smart printing solutions for various applications across industries. Its printing range includes Thermal Printer, Barcode Printer, Android Printer, Bluetooth Printer, Bluetooth thermal printer, and many more. BluPrints has the vision of providing innovative as well as customized product solutions for the customers. BluPrints Smart Printer has the following features

⦁ Fast printing speed

⦁ High quality

⦁ Robust and reliable

⦁ Lightweight

⦁ Long battery life

⦁ Multilingual Printing

Some of the advantages of using these printers include its priced as per the Indian market when compared to the other stand-alone scanner and printers. It can be easily customized and is constantly upgraded. The BluPrints Smart Printer has wireless compatibility with standard Laptop or Mobile platforms across various operating systems. It is also used for printing logos, images, QR Codes, barcode, and coupons. BluPrints Smart Printer comes with a complete range of accessories such as safety cases, high-quality paper rolls, docking stations, chargers, and batteries.

BluPrints Smart Printer facilitating Membership Enrollment Drive

BluPrints Smart Printer is an active facilitator of the membership enrollment drive for the upcoming election. BluPrints Smart Printer is highly suitable for on the spot printing of the Membership cards during enrolment drive. As the election is approaching, managing huge amount of member data and printing accurately in a short time is required. Maintaining online data records and on the spot, printing has made the whole process free from errors, time-saving, cost-effective and transparent. Blueprints multilingual printing has made it very popular among political leaders who often try to bridge the communication gap due to language barriers. Removal of language barrier has also helped in increasing the reach of facilities and better implementation of plans.

The BluPrints Smart printer has been a significant contributor towards providing better public services. Blueprints today, is working in association with many government and non-government bodies to make India a fully digital economy. With a motive to reach the remotest and the weakest sections of society, it is working towards complete digital inclusion.

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