BluPrints deals with wireless hand-held billing solutions. Its main objective is to improve the speed, reliability, and accountability of Mobile point of sale, and billing/receipt generation transactions. BluPrints has been successful in providing an alternative to massive hand-held receipt terminals, which can be used on smartphones. Its printing range can be used in any industry that requires bill generation like electricity, water, cable TV bill payments; and home-delivery businesses like groceries, food, laundry services, online shopping portals, paid parking lots, post-paid mobile billing, and toll-tax, among others.

With massive emphasis by the Government of India towards digitalization and the changing customer behavior towards acceptance and shift towards a digital economy, BluPrints thermal printers provide a customized solution to the complete process. As we are a Make in India company and it is our own IP it helps us provide our customer with world-class, reliable, and upgraded product to enhance their solution. More and more businesses are turning to the BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers to bring a better experience and last mile connectivity to the customers.

Why BluPrints thermal printers?

The specialized feature of these printers is that they are not only efficient but also reliable and affordable for your on spot receipt generation process which makes it ideal for various sectors that want to print bills quickly. The most useful printer features are simple configuration, quick print speed, better compatibility, durable battery, lightweight and ultra-compactness. We provide our customer support right from the initial stage – from the application development, SDK integration, pilot field testing, to deployment for a solution.

  • The BluPrints range of POS printers is completely compliant with ESC/POS command set – a world standard of Portable POS Printing Commands. This feature makes it directly compatible with all standard POS Applications and offers flexibility for easy future upgrades. 
  • These printers are designed to reduce the processing load on the host computer / mobile device in POS environments making the whole process fast and efficient.
  • These printers are cost-effective as they can print up to 48 Characters per line on a 2 inch wide paper. They also provide value for space, by printing in a smaller font. 
  • These printers are compatible with various devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablet, and even desktops with all operating systems Linux, Android, Window, iOS.
  • These printers have a sturdy design, suitable for use in open and dusty conditions, and are able to withstand rough handling.

Uses of BluPrints Printers across Sectors

BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers provides customized solutions for on-spot billing across various sectors.

  • Retail Industry: It has been the biggest consumer of these printers. Restaurants, retail outlets, supermarkets, departmental stores, retail POS Apps  are all using these printers to reduce operating costs and time for receipt generation.
  • Utility Billing: These printers can be used in generating utility bills like electricity, water, municipal taxes, cable TV bill, newspaper bills; and home-delivery businesses like groceries, food, laundry services, online shopping portals. It is essential for door-to door collection and support real time bill generation
  • E-challans: Traffic police record traffic offenses on the spot. Bluetooth enabled wireless Portable Thermal Printer provides the facility to read Smart Card based driving licenses and Vehicle Registration Certificates (RC) and transmit this information to traffic policeman’s mobile phone. This helps them in fetching accurate information regarding the offender and the vehicle, in addition to printing of e-challans.
  • Healthcare: These printers enable on the spot printing of prescriptions and medical reports. Helpful in rural healthcare camps.
  • Parking Management: Parking slips are generated using mobile apps and are printed on the spot with these printers which make it really easy and fast to manage huge parking spaces.
  • Field Sales Management: Large FMGC companies are moving from the manual process to manage distributor-retailer order placement & fulfillment of order to a real-time ordering & fulfilment mechanism. This enables the companies for improved and efficient inventory planning, sales projection, enhance  sales and ease of doing business

These are just a few of the sectors using these BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers. This list of sectors and uses is increasing fast.