GST Compliances now become easier with, for meeting the new GST Compliance of issuing and printing  E-Way Bills for bulk inter-state trade.

To monitor bulk trade, which majorly takes place through trucks – it was mandated under VAT that each such consignment shall be accompanied by a ‘Delivery Note’ which were issued from the VAT offices to the taxpayers. The taxpayer could upload the details of each transaction to the departmental ‘Server’ through the internet, and once uploaded the ‘Server’ would automatically generate a Delivery Note with a unique number, then this unique number could accompany the goods vehicle as a proof of having uploaded the transaction. Such a system would by itself ensure that once the Delivery Note is issued there could be no possibility of tax evasion.

The new E-way Bill process under GST now ensures that a taxpayer, prior to movement of goods via a conveyance, would inform each transaction’s details to the tax department, obtain an acknowledgment number for having thus informed, and then use this acknowledgment number as a valid document accompanying the truck. The idea is that the taxpayer is made to upload the details of each transaction to a common portal through the Internet, and once uploaded, the common portal would E-Way Bill System automatically generate a document is issued, it can be tracked and verified easily by any stakeholders.

Under the GST rules, it is mandatory for the transporter to have a physical copy of the E-way Bill in the event of interception of the conveyance by an officer authorized by the State. This is to verify the e-Way Bill or the e-Way Bill number in physical form for all inter-State and intra-State movement of goods.

Such a process requires the sellers to always equip their warehouses with proper internet connectivity and back office equipment such as Desktops and Printers so that the accounts staff can mail the online generated E-way Bill to the warehouse offices and they can take a printout each time a truck is being loaded and material dispatched.

With the advent of Portable Mini Thermal Receipt Printers, that can easily print via android mobiles, this problem can be easily overcome. This is a unique solution offered by BluPrints (Aadharshila Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd), through their E-Way Bill Thermal Receipt Printers. This solution allows the warehouse field- staff to receive the E-way Bill on their mobiles (via email) from their head offices, and using BluPrints’ Mobile App can convert the same into Legible Text along with QR Code that is then printed via Bluetooth technology wirelessly on the BluPrints’ AEM 3 Inch Thermal Receipt Printers. This is the Physical copy of E-way Bill handed over to the transporter carrying the consignment.

Such Innovations in Business Mobility through BluPrints help add immense value to businesses.