The government initiative of Digital India aims to develop a smart healthcare system for the benefit of the rural Indian population. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is taking a number of e-governance initiatives for the digitization of the healthcare sector in India, and has thus started a division called e-Health India.

e-Health India includes initiatives like Mobile Health or m-health which uses mobile apps to educate people about preventive healthcare measures, disease management, disease surveillance and treatment support. Remote monitoring is another initiative which allows health service providers to monitor patient’s health outside health care center through telemonitoring, wearable biosensors  which track changes in a patient’s health, record data to his health records and print on spot prescriptions through BluPrints thermal printers.

Benefits of Digitization in Rural Healthcare

The new digital technologies are able to share many of the responsibilities performed by doctors. Biosensors and mobile apps help patients to get regular updates about their health. These devices increase the rural population’s access to healthcare services through point-of-care diagnostics, teleconsultation and e-prescription facilities, thus benefiting the rural healthcare in many ways:

  • Saves time and help doctors to attend to more patients.
  • Regular monitoring can help in early diagnosis of serious conditions and thus timely treatment can be provided.
  • Provide real-time patient information and support symptom-based diagnosis 
  • Reduces the cost for both healthcare service providers and patients.
  • Sharing of patient records and medical history becomes simple thus making it easier and faster for doctors and insurance providers to understand medical history. 
  • Medical consultations provided remotely brings healthcare to remote areas with no basic healthcare facilities.
  • Help healthcare providers to take timely measures based on an analysis of vitals recorded remotely using wearable biosensors.

BluPrints thermal printers supporting rural healthcare digitization through on spot prescriptions and medical reports 

Mobile technology is helping to change the delivery of healthcare services in India because it is a powerful information transmission tool which connects the rural patients with healthcare provider. 

The healthcare delivery model consists of a phone/tablet/desktop,diagnostic devices and BluPrints smart thermal printers for printing on spot prescriptions, collection receipts, referral notes and medical reports that can be printed in local languages. 

These devices along with the healthcare app assist local healthcare representatives in collecting medical information, providing medical support and updating this information on a web based system which can be remotely accessed by the doctors to provide diagnosis and treatment. This model is also linked with financial services which provide micro insurance. 

This system resolves many issues like access, affordability and quality of healthcare. BluPrints has been an active participant of this healthcare delivery system with features like multilingual printing, customizable design, long battery life, low maintenance and high print quality. 

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