BluPrints smart thermal printers have facilitated revenue collection for Municipal Departments across India by developing an efficient way of bill collection and thus reducing loss. When a municipal department implements a mobile payment initiative, it not only becomes convenient for the customers to pay utility bills but also allows the department to better address the issues in that locality. Following are the ways in which BluPrints smart thermal printers have proved to be a boon for the municipal departments:

  • On the spot billing streamlines real-time billing system – BluPrints mobile POS printer support all kinds of billing applications being used in India for recording the data, generating the bill and enabling instant update of company’s record by the application. This process has not only financially benefited the utilities to increase their collections but also ensure timely payment, reduced fraudulent procedures, and miscommunication regarding late payments. 
  • Reduced losses due to nonpayment of utility bills – The offline billing process has been revamped and made easy and reliable to enable fast transactions and provide adequate protection to customer’s money. 
  • Increase in customer base – The cut down in losses has, in turn, encouraged Power Distribution companies to supply to more customers and enhance their reach. 
  • Rise in revenue collection – When the paying customer base increases it automatically increases the revenue.
  • Reducing billing errors – As the process is completely automatic and computerized it eliminates errors.
  • Reducing fraud risks – Risk of fraud is not there as the whole system is automatic eliminating manual billing completely.
  • Reducing billing cycle – Spot billing has reduced billing cycle significantly as it saves the time taken between meter reading and bill generation.
  • Cost saving in the operation and maintenance of collection centers
  • More customer-centric process- As the customer is not required to go anywhere it is more customer centric.
  • Transparent- As a result of all the above factors the whole process of bill generation and collection has become a much transparent function.

What is a POS Printer?

Point of Sale hardware includes many types of receipt printers. These are portable printers mostly used in retail for printing customer receipts. A thermal printer is the most basic type of POS printer. It is a very high speed printer most suitable for large volume receipt printing and does not require any additional media for printing.

Technology and Advancement

Thermal printing is a digital printing process where a printed image is produced by selective heating of coated thermochromic paper, or thermal paper when the paper passes over the thermal print head. A thermal paper roll is placed in a container provided in the machine, with the end of the roll fed into a slot. As the sheet reacts to the heat of the printer head, the pigments on the heat-sensitive paper form the letters and images as transmitted through the thermal printer. Thermal printers don’t use ink cartridges and so they are economical and low maintenance.  

Need for a Thermal Printer

Thermal printers ensure an efficient point of sale experience not just for customers but also for the service providers. They are a cost effective and convenient choice for a POS transaction and other functions like printing receipts, ID badges, shipping labels, price tags etc. They are useful for businesses because of their increased printing speed, low cost, easy maintenance, better print quality, and improved functionality.

BluPrints: No 1 Manufacturers of POS Thermal Mobile Printers in India

BluPrints is creating world class electronic products keeping in mind innovations at the grass root level. Our vision is to empower Indian society with world class technology. Our hardware platforms are customized for Indian markets developing products most suited to the market requirements. BluPrints boasts of 400 customers across 10 plus industries. We have been successfully providing solutions for e-governance projects such as e challan, electricity/water/municipal bills, Financial Inclusion, smart parking, health care centers/camps, Field Sales Automation, Banks/NBFC for collection processes, queue management, token generation to name a few. We are a fast growing technology firm in the designing & manufacturing of thermal printers in India.

Why BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers?

  • Solid, Robust and Dust Resistant-BluPrints smart thermal printers can sustain a drop from a height of 1 meter.
  • Plug N Play – These printers suit various markets and budgets.
  • Universally Operable – They are compatible with all leading operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Standard ESC-POS compliance.
  • Cost Effective – Immune to USD fluctuations, Global quality product at India Prices.
  • Ever-Evolving – Bluprints has an ongoing R&D which focuses on Obsolescence management.
  • Field Ready – BluPrints smart thermal printers are robust and suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Best in Class and Affordable – BIS certified, ISO certified, Made in India.
  • Customized Solutions – Customized as per Indian requirements. It has features like RFID, Magnetic Swipe Card Reader, and Multilingual.
  • High Speed, Quick Setup and Highly Compatible – Easy to port in with existing Application.
  • Customized support to the customer as per their application.