Aadharshila Mobility Solutions has added a new and exclusive model to its BluPrints range of Bluetooth Mobile Receipt Printers specifically catering to the FIN-Tech Sector. Aadharshila has formalized its tie-up with a major bank for the exclusive supply of MARC Printers, which has complete technical compatibility with the bank’s Award-Winning mobile application – MARC.

The mobile application MARC (which works on Android & Symbian based phones) was developed using which payment receipts can be generated on BluPrint – handheld Bluetooth Printers. The application allows collection executives to view cases allotted to them on their mobile phones. The front end of MARC let’s executive perform a number of operations. They are issued unique login credentials, which are validated by CAPS over GPRS. Once logged in, executives can view financial and demographic details of a customer, update a customer’s contact details, update follow up with customer in the form of trails, update payment details of a customer transaction, generate payment receipts on a paired Bluetooth printer, and even push an SMS and email confirmation about the payment to the customer.
ICICI Bank and its technology partner Nucleus Software introduced MARC, a mobile-based Automation of Receipts on Collection Activities Processing System (CAPS), a solution that allows customers to make payment anytime, anywhere while eliminating the need for hand-written receipts. This mobile-based software has been implemented on Android and Symbian OS. It updates transaction details, generates payment receipts on a paired blue-tooth printer, and pushes SMS and e-mail confirmations of transactions to the customer. The system enables straight-through processing and tracks payment on a real-time basis and has resulted in considerable cost savings by freeing up over 200 bank employees involved in physical receipt issuance and reconciliation and manual updating of receipt details into core systems. It has been implemented at 500 locations with 1500 channel partners.