In this era of technology, current news is available anywhere anytime, but the traditional newspaper is still the most preferred mode of news. In most Indian households, even today, a typical day starts with a cup of tea with newspaper. There are a whole process and system that works to ensure that you get your newspaper every morning with your morning tea. However, running this process smoothly is quite a challenge for newspaper distributors. 

The whole process includes delivery and bill collection which are done manually and requires a lot of time and sufficient manpower. Though delivery cannot be automated, bill collection can be automated to reduce time, effort, manual errors and to improve collection. BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers provide the best solution for automating the bill collection process, making the process simple and quick.

BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers for Newspaper Distributors in Bill Collection – How it works

Newspaper distributors add all customers’ details in the Android-based apps and the app generates a monthly bill as per customer’s subscription and usage. This feature eliminates manual calculation of bills and rules out any manual errors. These apps help the vendor in managing all their customer accounts from their mobile phones and generate bills at the end of every month. These bills are printed on the spot using BluPrints smart thermal printers which are able to fetch bill wirelessly from the mobile phones. The customer account is immediately updated, by the vendor, when the bill is generated and paid, thus reducing a lot of time as well as errors.

Some of the requirements for this automation are an internet-enabled mobile phone and BluPrints Bluetooth enabled thermal printer. The billing person carries an internet-enabled mobile phone instead of a calculator and this mobile phone is able to connect with a thermal printer through a Bluetooth interface.  One more feature of this app and thermal printer based billing system is that when the bill is generated, the customers receive an SMS with a link for online payment. Thus enabling customers to make payments through online modes leading to further digitization of the process.

Benefits of using BluPrints Smart Thermal Printers for Automation of Bill Collection

  • These printers do not require any additional accessory and are compact and lightweight, so easy to carry around.
  • BluPrints Printers have compatibility with various devices (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux) including, Desktop, Tablets, Laptops etc.
  • Their low maintenance costs
  • Long battery life

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