Driving Swachh Bharat Initiative Automating Door to Door Waste Collection By Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC)

About Municipal Corporation

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, local government body for Ghaziabad with population of  1,648,643 and 336,069 households (as pr Census 2011) has been working proactively for waste management in the city focus on waste collection as the first step to a cleaner city.


With the city generating nearly 950 metric tonnes of solid waste daily, the collection storage and disposal had to be streamlined. Ghaziabad was ranked 351 in year 2017 on Swachh Survekshan. To improve the cleanliness of the city the first step was collection of waste so as to first discourage residents to dump the waste anywhere and everywhere. Moreover the traditional the manual way of collection, it was difficult to monitor the whole process.


Ghaziabad Corporation started flagged off door-to-door collection vehicles for the daily collection of solid waste drive through private waste collection agencies in October 2017, when it deployed nearly 100 vehicles for 65 wards. The scheme was later introduced in remaining 27 residential wards in the city 2018. As per the new scheme the users had to pay collection charges as defined by the corporation one of such agency Nature Clean Enviro Services Private Limited uses collection app DVertex along with BluPrints Smart Thermal Receipt Printer to automate the process & provide on spot instant bills.

Automation of waste collection process with instant on the spot proof of transaction receipt with the help of BluPrints handheld Smart Thermal printers helped provide a easy to implement, adopt and cost effective solution at field level.


In June GMC was awarded the tag of ‘Fastest Mover’ city and secured the 36th spot in ‘Swachh Survekshan’ rankings and Ghaziabad moved up to rank 36 from 351 in 2017.With the help of the door-to-door collection scheme, the real-time tracking of 350 solid waste collection vehicles and the removal of 300 open waste collection centers in the city was possible.

For Residents

• Convenient and easy method for residents to dispose of trash

• Reduced dumping of waste in open areas

• Improved collection efficiency and reduced costs

• Reduced rodent problems.

• Cleaner, healthier neighborhoods with no litter on streets after pickup

• Wheeled containers are easier, more maneuverable, and safer for residents because there is no carrying or lifting of heavy trash cans

 For the Municipality

• Improved collection efficiency and reduced costs

• Increased productivity

•Transparency in system in terms of monitoring of regularity of collection, transparency in billing

•Increase in revenue and profitability

Written By: Bhawana Kulyal