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BluPrints Introduces the BluPrints Support Framework – an Online Web-Based platform designed to improve customer services and enhance the user’s experience as more and more people depend upon BluPrints products to carry out their businesses and functions on the field. The BluPrints Helpdesk enables us to understand and resolve your issues in a time-bound manner, reducing your operational expenses and downtime and help you derive optimum benefits of using our products.

Bluprints Support System.

The BluPrints Support Framework is designed to achieve the following goals and play a part in our constant quest for self-improvement towards becoming a leader in this segment across domestic and international markets.

  • Provide a platform for quick registration of problems and support requests, with appropriate notifications and responses.
  • Ensure the generation of a unique tracking identifier through which the complainant may track the status of their support requests independently at any point of time.
  • Accurately track our own efficiency and response times, ensuring predictable response times.
  • Help our team understand existing problems and issues, enabling us to improve our product by way of upcoming updates and future releases.
  • Create detailed and easily accessible content designed to educate the users, helping him to do more and more in a self-sufficient manner.


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