The Embedded Design Team at Aadharshila achieved a major milestone by releasing an upgraded design of its BluPrints series from ARM7 Processor Based on NXP2388 Microcontroller, to a state-of-the-art refurbished, highly optimized, futuristic, more reliable and faster Micro Controller architecture of Cortex Core M3. The new design drive was initiated at the end of previous FY, targetted for release at the end of the first quarter, in the company’s continuous efforts to optimize its hardware designs and tackle obsolescence. ​ The ARM Cortex-M3 processor is the industry-leading 32-bit processor for highly deterministic real-time applications, specifically for high-performance low-cost platforms for a broad range of devices including microcontrollers, automotive body systems, industrial control systems and wireless networking and sensors.  The new design of BluPrints series is deterministic with low latency, making it particularly applicable to real-time field applications such as Bluetooth / Handheld Thermal Portable Printers. Cortex M-3 has smaller basic core, reducing chances of failure and increasing speed. Integrated with the core are system peripherals, such as the interrupt controller, bus matrix, and an integrated sleep mode with the option of an integral eight-region Memory Protection Unit. ​ In comparison to the previous hardware base, the upgraded Electronic design offers a much superior alternative, enabling tomorrow’s embedded applications by delivering more features in the same cost range, increasing connectivity, better code reuse, and improved energy efficiency. The upgraded BluPrints hardware platform delivers outstanding computational performance and exceptional system response to events while meeting the challenges of low dynamic and static power constraints. The processor is highly configurable enabling a wide range of implementations from those requiring memory protection and powerful trace technology to cost sensitive devices requiring minimal area.